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Hi! My name is Danique Juliet and I teach yoga that is focused on self-love and healing! 

Besides teaching yoga, I’m busy working on being a Holistic Health Coach for woman. After a lot of years, I have finally found my way of sharing spirituality and helping people to reconnect with their body, mind and soul.

In my eyes the balances between those three is responsible for a healthy feminine flow. A feminine flow is all about slowing down, feeling creative and following our intuition. It’s about surrendering and receiving, about compassion and emotion. 

In my classes we will work on all of these elements!

So, what will you experience during the class? Yoga (as how you probably know it ;)), we meditate, we set affirmations, listen to mindful music, or even make some art together. See this yoga class as a mini retreat you would like to go to every week.

I teach my classes in English and Dutch!

For questions, feel free to contact me! Namasté

Danique Juliet

From June 14, I will be teaching every Monday from 19:00 – 20:00

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